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Barrier Free Mosquito Net

Pleated Mosquito Nets are pain because, if not handled carefully, might trip people since it reaches till the floor. To avoid a disaster from happening, Insect Shield came up with the Barrier Free Mosquito net. This net removes all worries from obstructing the floor and being overall a little difficult to handle.

The mesh net on this product moves with perfect smoothness on a guide strip that is held up by a caterpillar chain. The product is made in such a way that even children and aged people can operate it with ease. The net is absolutely safe and doesn’t accidentally trip people due to its length.

The Mosquito net are ideal for usage in balconies and doors.

A maximum of sic modules of Barrier Free net can be used to protect a space with large width from mosquitos. The Barrier-Free Net has a minimal stack space that can be folded to take up a small area of your home. The net can be customized as a single or double door, according to your preference.

The complex mechanism that goes in the net ensures that you have a worry-free leisure time away from mosquitos. Its honeycomb fabric can be used as collapsible partition, making it a multipurpose net.

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