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Mosquito net for doors

In every home, for every age group, mosquitoes are the issue of worry and tension for the disease. To stay away from this issue, now using some innovative ideas, some different types of mosquito net screens are available in the market for every kind of house’ windows and doors with a good budget.

The Magnetic mosquito net is a magnetic window net screen that employs forces between the magnets to get the much-needed sticking effect. These are the latest most utilized window screens in the market. This sleek window screen can be used on any window like wood, aluminium, and steel.

This magnetic mosquito net is purely environment friendly. This mosquito mesh screen also helps prevent pollution and dust particles and gives sufficient air and light indoors. This net keeps stuck the mosquito as well as insects outside the window. This net screen can be operated easily by any group of age.

The Magnetic mosquito screen simply sticks to your window without any effortless force and allows flexibility to open and close the window as well as the magnetic door screen. In this magnetic mosquito net screen, there are no more gaps present between the screen and window frames for mosquito entry to the indoor. This mosquito screen is easy to use, easy to clean and gives a decorative look to your room.

This magnetic screen is easy to install; it can be directly fixed to your window without altering your existing frame. We KT Screen ensure you quality product and good service, installation with the well-trained team, and best modern tools.

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