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Mosquito net for Balcony

Spending time in the evenings sitting in the balcony getting a taste of that cool air sounds mesmerizing. But so often, we cannot do that because of the unpleasant and harmful bites of insects, especially mosquitos.

This is a huge problem in India.

And we have the perfect solution just for that.

KT Screens introduces the first ever Pleated Mosquito Net for large openings that are bigger than windows or doors. This new and innovative invention is built to adapt to all your mosquito problems. It covers an entirety of a balcony and the unique tensioning of the cords help neutralize the wind pressure. The deeper bottom track and sturdy zigzag mesh is made with waterproof polyester material that is tough against pollution and environment.

KT Screens’s customizable mosquito net wonderfully covers all areas of spaces as large as balconies without barring your beautiful view outside. Its 2 tier support handles ensure easier moving and removing.

When not in use, it doesn’t let you compromise on your space. The product retracts into a stack taking up minimal space. The net can be cleaned by piped water which only requires washing after using it for more than 2 months.

Minimalistic care and space, this net is the perfect solutions to all your problems.

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