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Mosquito net for doors

KT Screens Mosquito Nets for Doors are specifically made to be light and allow air to pass through without the pesky insects.

You might ask how to set it up and those are generally a pain to do. But the KT Screens special net requires no new fixtures and are installed as per the size of your doors.

So gone are the days when you needed to become and engineer just to fix a net on your door. With the new Mosquito Net for Doors, we promise there will be no fuss. The mesh net can be customized as per your requirements and within no time, you can get the perfect mosquito net for your doors.

The net can be gathered into a stack, taking minimal space in your house. The mesh is built with strong and durable material that is made specifically to not hinder your view and leave it unobstructed. The zigzag pattern of the mesh keeps away the tiniest of insects and leaves your home a safe and peaceful environment to live it.

The product is incredibly easy to use and very low maintenance. The cost-effective pricing of the product saves money and is extremely convenient for everyone.

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