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 Pleated mosquito net

 Pleated mosquito net is a horizontal sideways movement insect protection used indoors in bungalows, villa, home, and apartment. It is used as sliding screens on doors to protect insects from the room but also it works as a prevention of dust and pollution particles from outdoor.

 These pleated mosquito nets keep the mosquito and insect outside from your room and prevent you from diseases like influenza, malaria, and other insects that induce infection. It also gives you the outdoor view by its net which gives you a stress-free mood.  

It’s a retractable sliding screen that is made from 100% polyester and these are simple, flexible, and easy to use and store. Also, these screens look delightful and help to keep the indoor fresh. Helps to ensure more air, light indoors.

We provide innovative pleated mosquito mesh, a screen for sliding doors, aluminum doors, UPVC doors.The best quality retractable pleated mesh is designed with a frame and powder coated to match the color of the door frame. These screens can be installed on casement, sliding, and French doors.

Pleated mosquito nets can be installed either directly on existing door frames or walls of cavities. The Pleated screen can be operated effortlessly by any age of people that may be children or an elder. No force is needed to open or close the screens, you can stop it at any required location of your door. You can clean it whenever required and store it when this is not in use.

We ensure that the product perfectly matches and seals the mosquito and insects from the outdoors. We also ensure the quality, installation by a well-trained team with proper equipment, and experienced solution providers.

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