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 Pleated mosquito net

Nowadays, everywhere, mosquitoes are a worrying issue for everyone. You do various types of stuff to stay away from mosquitoes, but using some innovative ideas now in the market some useful pieces of stuff are available to stay away from mosquitoes. Those are used on doors and windows to stay safe indoors.

We offer you the best service with our well-trained team and with the right equipment. This pleated mosquito screen can be installed directly to the window frame or can be installed in the walls cavity.

The Pleated mosquito net is a retractable, horizontal, and vertical sliding screen available for windows. This product can be used in bungalows, villas, apartments, homes, etc. This pleated mosquito net is also helpful in the prevention of other insects, dust, and pollution particles and keeps you away from various types of infections and diseases.

It also gives a delightful look and aid freshness also provides sufficient air and light indoor. This also helps you to stay stress-free by providing you with an outdoor look. This is easy to use for a child, as well as for old persons. You can close or open it to a specific location of your window whenever you want. No effort is needed to operate it.

As this mesh keeps the dust and pollution particles out, you have to clean it and it is easy to clean and keep it in the storeroom whenever you are not using it.This pleated mosquito net is made from 100% polyester material and easy to install. We KT Screen provides you the best quality of pleated mosquito screen for every type of window like wood, aluminum, UPVC sliding, etc. with your budget. 

We ensure you for the best quality product and good service.

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