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 Roller Mosquito Mesh

Today, in India, insects, mosquitoes, and associated diseases, and illnesses are significant concerns everywhere. To remain protected from that you folks do different stuff and experiment daily.

We KT screen giving you a solution with innovation, that is mosquito mesh. In various mosquito mesh types, roller mosquito mesh or pull-down mosquito screen is a decorative and safety mosquito screen for indoors. The roller mosquito mesh is a retractable, spring-loaded vertical screen for all types of windows, sun slits, and narrow kitchen windows. 

This mosquito screen provides 100% air, sunlight, and aid freshness indoors while preventing mosquitoes, dust particles, and other insects from coming in. This mosquito mesh gives the exact look and decorative look of roller windows. This mosquito mesh can stop at any location of your window, and any age group can operate it. 

It is easy to use and also washable. These mosquito screens are rustproof, dustproof, and durable. It is easy to install on your window frame. These screens are also easy to maintain.

We KT screen ensure you for the best quality product and provide the best service by our well-trained team with the best equipment. 

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